Info Technology

Custom Business Application Development

While most business can survive using typical (off-the-shelf) computer applications like Excel, Word, Access, etc… There is no competitive edge for using those applications.
We help our clients create unfair advantage by developing custom applications specifically designed for their business. Considering most people spend 4 – 6 hours on computers at
work everyday, the power of efficient and custom tailored application will translate to significant advantage for any business.

Big Data

By utilizing newer database technologies such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch, we can develop applications which consumes huge amount of data. We have experience working on project with billions of records.

Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Our database developers understands Oil & Gas industry, it is our specialty. And understanding the data is Key for being able to deliver useful and accurate reporting for business inteligence.

Legacy Application Conversion

Stuck with an old application running on Windows? Do you wish your application are web based? We can help. We specialize in helping businesses convert old legacy application into powerful and robust web based applications.

Linux Server Support

Most custom business application we develop uses Open Source stable and mature technologies running on Linux servers. We have 15+ years experience deplying and administering Linux servers. Delivering 99.99% uptime and stability is the minimum for our server administrators.

Cloud Computing Cluster

For the past 5 years we have been deploying nothing but virtualized servers based on stable and mature cloud computing technologies. Being virtualized and combined with our experience of building scalable application we can help you design and develop business application with unlimited scalability and redundancy.

Private Cloud

Most of our clients prefer the piece of mind of NOT being on public cloud such as Amazon AWS or Rackspace Cloud. We believe in the same principle. We have deployed many Private Cloud Clusters for our clients. Our clients enjoy the scalability of cloud technologies while maintaining the privacy and security of traditional private network and dedicated servers.