JHuang Energy Consultants, LLC is an independent consulting firm that is well respected within the energy and power generation industry for creativity, innovation, independent thinking, and analytical rigor.

We offer a wide array of professional services that help our clients address business, engineering, and technology challenges. We bring a high level of expertise and experience to our work - based on a deep understanding of our clientele's needs and challenges, the industry standards and the market practice, and the insights to formulate business solutions and services for our clients.

Led by senior personnel who have spent their careers working within the energy, power and renewable energy industries, our consultants have expertise in engineering, economics, finance, market research, energy technology, risk assessment & mitigation, public policy, program administration, and litigation support.

We can help you keep a competitive edge on technology against your competitors. Our Information Technology (IT) consultants are top-notch with 15+ years experience in developing custom business web applications. We can help you with big data, data warehouse, data mining and cloud computing as well.

Please see Our Services for details of firm's professional services.